Company overview

Company Name HACK UFB Co., Ltd.
Establishment Nov. 2015
Location Head office
Ushiroyacho, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi, 400-0045, Japan
TEL. +81(0)55-241-8810
FAX. +81(0)55-243-3019
Shizuoka factory
Shimotogari, Nagaizumi-cho Sunto-gun,
Shizuoka,411-0943, Japan  >Google Map
TEL. +81(0)55-989-7704
FAX. +81(0)55-988-6221
Representative director Tougo Hosaka


We have been manufacturing and developping applications for 51 years as an specialized manufacture of ultra-fine bubbles (micro-nano bubble) generator.Ultra-fine bubble generator of HACK UFB is a hybrid generation unit which is combined multiple techniques such as venturi, cavitation, swirl flow and pressure-dissolution method. It is possible to generate the”uniform”and “Stable” ultra-fine bubble in “high concentration. In addition, We offer products such as ozone resistance, organic solvent resistance, specialized machine for agriculture, built-in unit for cleaning system , bath system and so on.

Main Customer

University, technical colleges, vocational schools, research institutions Muroran the Institute of Technology,Tohoku University,Utsunomiya University,Yamagata University,Ibaraki Prefectural University of Health Sciences,Shizuoka University,University of Shizuoka,Nagoya University,Kyoto University,Ehime University,Numazu Technical college,Wakayama Technical college,Sasebo Technical college,Kyushu University,The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Osaka prefectural National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology,Industrial Technology Institute Of Ibaraki Prefecture,Niigata Prefectural Center Industrial Sci. and Technology,Tokyo Metropolitan Insustrial Tecnology Reserch Institue
The private sector Pharmaceutical manufacturers, chemical manufacturers, such as cosmetics maker
Medical facilities Ichiro dental clinic,Okita medical clinic , aqua medical clinic,Niigata natural medicine laboratory,National Hospital Organization Kagoshima Medical Center,About 30 company (fishery, car, engineering, food, etc.) research and development section etc.
Agriculture, fisheries Oyster ,sea grape ,strawberry ,tomato ,vegitable farmers and plant factories.


01 Nov 2015
HACK UFB Co., Ltd. established .