Joint Development

Currently seeking joint development projects and partners

We are looking for joint development partners for application products using fine
bubble generation technology (for ultra-fine bubbles/nanobubbles and microbubbles).
We will commercialize various products through collaborative applied development of the pertinent technologies. The core
technology has already been established.
He hope to collaborate with companies actively working to develop applications and commercialize products.

Specifics on desired partners
  • Companies which will try to develop their own applications and commercialize their own products using the fine bubble generation technology of HACK UFB
  • Companies which will work with HACK UFB to develop and commercialize products using HACK UFB’s fine bubble generation technology
  • Companies which will invest in HACK UFB’s application development projects
Market environment, Possibilities There are expected to be applications in fields such as medicine, agriculture, fisheries and water
There are great untapped business opportunities in these fields. This technology does not harm the
environment, and is a truly future-oriented technology for coexistence with the environment.
Examples of
and business ideas
(Applications at left
are possible. Only
some ideas are
listed here)
  • Appliances, general merchandise
    • ・Kitchen sterilization/deodorization washing equipment (food ingredients, food products)
    • ・Washing machines (commercial, residential)
    • ・Faucet mounted nozzles
    • ・Bidet toilets
    • ・Servers for producing drinking water
    • ・Face washing systems
    • ・Hair washing systems (scalp washing and care)
  • Environment/Energy
    • ・Seawater desalination equipment
    • ・Equipment for purification and reuse of rain water
    • ・Improved combustion efficiency of fuel
    • ・Ship ballast water purification equipment
  • Food, agriculture, fisheries, livestock
    • ・Hydroponic culture systems (improved absorption efficiency of liquid fertilizer, promotion of growth)
    • ・Water sprinkling systems (efficiently supply of dissolved oxygen, promotion of growth)
    • ・Brewing and fermentation equipment (improved fermentation efficiency, taste alteration)
    • ・Improvement of stockbreeding environment (mist, deodorization, sterilization, livestock drinking water)
    • ・Seafood breeding systems (freshness preservation of shells and fish)
    • ・Systems for oxygen replenishment and environmental improvement/purification in aquaculture areas
    • ・Live fish transport systems
  • Health, medicine
    • ・Bottled water (hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.)
    • ・Servers for producing drinking water
    • ・Built-in bath tubs (unit baths)
    • ・Bathing equipment for elderly care (including lightweight, easy equipment for home-visit care), IV drips
    • ・Equipment to supply oral cleaning water for dentistry (mitigates mouth sores)
    • ・Therapeutic bathing equipment for atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions (gases such as
      carbon dioxide gas and hydrogen are also possible.)
  • Other industries
    • ・Sterilization and purification of cooling water in cooling towers
    • ・Part washing (IC chips, boards, film modules, plating pre-treatment)
For inquiries or questions regarding joint development, please go here
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